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Professional Training Services

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

Over the past 35 years I have provided training for other professionals through workshops, seminars, and institutes presented at professional conferences around the State of Texas and around the country. In addition, I provide consultation and mentoring services to other professionals on both an individual and group basis.

My current focus in the provision of professional training is primarily in the areas of Collaborative Divorce and Parenting Coordination. I am available to present one and/or two day training programs on:

♦ The Interdisciplinary Team Model of Collaborative Divorce
♦ The Role of the MHP in Collaborative Divorce: Basic and Advanced Skill Development for the Neutral MHP
♦ Parenting Coordination: The Role and Responsibilities of the Parenting Coordinator
♦ How to Develop Parenting Plans in Divorce

These topics can be customized to shortened versions depending on the needs of your professional group.

Given my extensive experience and background in teaching, I am often able to create topic-specific trainings unique to your needs. Suggested topics suitable for brief trainings include, but are not limited to:

♦ Helping Parents Talk to Their Children About Divorce
♦ The Impact of Divorce on Children
♦ The Do's and Don'ts of Co-Parenting After Divorce
♦ Understanding Personality Disorders
♦ Working with High Conflict Families

I have a demonstrated skill set in teaching complex ideas and concepts. Over a period of 14 years as an Instructor at The University of Texas at Dallas I developed and taught the following undergraduate classes:

♦ Abnormal Psychology
♦ Child Psychopathology
♦ Personality
♦ Violence in the Family

Teaching others is a way to give back as well as a way to continue my own educational journey. If you or your group has an educational need, just ask, I can create a training that will work for you.

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