Move from a Place of Anger, Hurt, and Confusion…

To a Place of Understanding, Change, and Peace.

Therapy/Counseling Services

Making the decision to begin therapy is often a difficult one.

♦ Is there a stigma attached to seeking therapy or counseling services?
♦ Is it a sign of weakness or does it reflect self-awareness and strength?
♦ Are you struggling with issues in your life or do you want to just learn more about yourself?
♦ Do you want to make changes in how you deal with things?
♦ Are you ready to reach out for assistance for yourself, your children or your family, but are unsure where to turn for help?

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with three decades of experience, I take a solution-oriented approach to counseling. My focus is to identify your goals, and work together to help you reach the outcome you desire. A strong therapeutic relationship is critical to success. My approach is both compassionate and supportive as well as straight-forward and direct, adapting my style to your needs. I emphasize your strengths, and utilize basic problem-solving strategies to help you learn the necessary skills to effectively address and cope with the struggles you are experiencing.

I provide services for adults, adolescents, and children, preschool through pre-teen.

My clinical practice is generalized. I have significant experience working with a wide range of emotional problems, from mild to severe, including anxiety struggles, mood disorders, behavioral disorders, and relationship/family problems.

Specialties include marital/couples counseling as well as helping families who are going through divorce. I am strongly committed to assisting couples rebuild their relationships and replace dysfunction with healthier patterns. At the other end of the spectrum, I offer support for individuals and families who struggle with the pain and difficulties of separation and/or divorce.

My practice offers many approaches to therapy including:

♦ Individual
♦ Couple/Marital
♦ Parent Education/Counseling
♦ Family Therapy
♦ Consultation Services

I also provide court-ordered counseling for individuals and families.

You may be unsure therapy or counseling is right for you, or that this is the right time. I encourage you to consider a consultation with me to help you determine the appropriate path. I am here to help.

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