Move from a Place of Anger, Hurt, and Confusion…

To a Place of Understanding, Change, and Peace.

Parenting Coordination

Are you divorcing and wanting help to create a plan to share time, decision-making, and parenting with regard to your children?

Are you experiencing co-parenting struggles due to communication breakdown and conflict about issues concerning your children during or after your divorce?

Do you need help in finding peace so that your family can move beyond the pain of divorce and begin a new journey?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider a Parenting Coordinator to help you and your partner navigate this often difficult road.

Parenting Coordination is a confidential process focused on helping couples during and after divorce learn to more effectively parent and co-parent. It is available to parents as an alternative to traditional adversarial legal proceedings.

The primary goal of Parenting Coordination is to decrease conflict between parents during and after divorce and empower you to do what is best for your children. This is important because research confirms the number one predictor of a child's adjustment to divorce is the level of conflict between their parents post-divorce.

As a Parenting Coordinator, I am able to help you:

♦ Talk to your children about your divorce
♦ Develop and implement parenting plans customized for your family
♦ Develop better communication skills
♦ Learn more effective problem solving skills
♦ Identify specific issues in dispute or conflict and create useful, workable and durable solutions

Parenting Coordination is a legal process defined by Texas statute and can either be ordered by a judge or agreed to by parents. As a Parenting Coordinator, I am a "gate-keeper" working to keep you out of the courtroom. I remain neutral and serve as your "go-to" person on an as-needed basis. As a Parenting Coordinator I cannot:

♦ Make formal recommendations
♦ Make decisions
♦ Serve as a tie-breaker
♦ Testify in court

Parenting Coordination is an alternative dispute resolution process. It is not an evaluation or social study; nor is it therapy, counseling or parenting facilitation. Parenting Coordination is not only for high conflict couples.

The unique characteristics of the Parenting Coordination process enable you to work on improving your relationship as parents in a safe and protected environment. No positioning. No posturing. No threats. Just two parents trying to learn how to work together to do what is right for your children.

You have the ability to choose a better path for you and your children during and post-divorce. Parenting Coordination permits you to do just that.

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