Move from a Place of Anger, Hurt, and Confusion…

To a Place of Understanding, Change, and Peace.

Collaborative Divorce

You find yourself in a place that you never imagined you would be: contemplating or preparing to divorce. You may be anxious, stressed and confused. Perhaps divorcing is your idea…perhaps not and your spouse is driving it. Regardless, you are worried. Worried about your future…your children…your family…your estate…and about the ugliness you are afraid is possibly waiting for you in a courtroom. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

If you seek a way to move forward from this place of hurt and anger, and to divorce with respect and dignity you should consider the Collaborative Divorce model. This approach also benefits you by allowing you to preserve a healthy and effective parenting relationship with your spouse and minimize the disruption to your children.

Collaborative Divorce is a confidential settlement approach to divorce and other legal matters that offers an alternative to traditional litigation and the often-destructive consequences that result from adversarial positioning. The collaborative process is designed to:

♦ Keep you out of a courtroom
♦ Empower you to make decisions for yourselves and your family
♦ Enable you to achieve creative and customized agreements based on your needs, interests and goals
♦ Facilitate a better post-divorce relationship
♦ Maximize privacy

The collaborative model uses an interdisciplinary team composed of specially trained attorneys for you and your spouse, a neutral financial professional and a neutral mental health professional. It relies on a proven problem solving approach to guide you through confidential settlement meetings at a pace that is under your control. The focus is on creating effective and durable agreements aimed at meeting the goals you have set for you and your family.

In this process I serve as the Neutral Mental Health Professional or as the Child Specialist on your team.

My role as Neutral Mental Health Professional:

♦ Maximize help for you, your spouse, and your family
♦ Provide ongoing support and assistance in navigating the divorce experience
♦ Facilitate the meetings by managing the agenda and the "emotional temperature" in the room
♦ Work with you outside the joint meetings to:
♦ Improve communication between you and your spouse in order to decrease conflict
♦ Learn effective problem-solving skills
♦ Educate you about divorce and its impact on children (as well as talking to your children about divorce)
♦ Assist you in creating a customized post-divorce parenting plan for your family
♦ Assist you in moving forward by developing an effective co-parenting relationship with your spouse
♦ Facilitate communication among the professionals on the team

My role as Child Specialist:

♦ Meet with your children to ascertain their needs and interests
♦ Serve as the "voice of the children" to you, your spouse and the rest of the team
♦ Participate in joint meetings, or meetings with you and the Neutral Mental Health Professional
♦ Assist in developing the post-divorce parenting plan

Neither the role of Neutral Mental Health Professional or Child Specialist is that of a therapist; nor is the process therapy or counseling. Upon successful settlement, you may choose to have the Neutral Mental Health Professional continue as your Parenting Coordinator. If, however, the collaborative process is not successful then ALL of the team members must withdraw; this is one of the critical components that separates the collaborative process from any other form of dispute resolution.

While the Collaborative Divorce model is most often used to resolve family law disputes, this collaborative approach is also eminently suitable as an alternative to civil litigation, especially in probate or malpractice cases, where settlement is as much about emotions as it is money. In this capacity, the added value I bring as the Neutral Mental Health Professional is paramount.

You have the ability to retain control of the outcome of your legal dispute. The collaborative process enables you to do just that.

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